AISHU Named a Representative Vendor in 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Backup as a Service

Recently, AISHU was named in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Backup as a Service. This is the second consecutive year that AISHU has been the Representative Vendor in this field for the data protection services.

SaaS application data protection drives growing BaaS market

As the leading IT research and consulting organization in the world, Gartner has been publishing the Market Guide for Backup as a Service annually since 2020. The report starts from the market definition of BaaS, provides a comprehensive interpretation of the market direction and market analysis, and selects representative vendors worldwide, serving as an important reference for organizations in choosing BaaS vendors.

Gartner, Market Guide for Backup as a Service, 2022

The report states “The growing backup-as-a-service market is driven by concerns around ransomware and the need to protect data in SaaS applications. I&O leaders responsible for backup operations of small to midsize IT infrastructure should consider BaaS as a cost-effective alternative to traditional backup products.”

AISHU has been recognized by authority for 2 consecutive years

Gartner suggests that organizations should choose a BaaS vendor that can meet the protection needs of all workloads in their own IT environment and avoid multiple single-point solutions. AISHU Data Protection Service, based on the Your-Data Architecture, can easily enable data protection from any cloud to any cloud, providing data protection and data management services for various workloads in a multi-cloud environment.

In the latest Market Guide for Backup as a Service, AISHU Data Protection Service, with the advantages of wide compatibility and comprehensive data protection, was successfully named. This is the second time since 2021 that AISHU has been named as a global Representative Vendor in this field, and the technical strength of AISHU has been recognized by the leading authority again.

- Wide compatibility: fully meet the protection needs of diverse workloads
- Unified protection: block the spread of data silos and achieve unified protection and management of multi-cloud data
- Security compliance: support data encryption and long-term data retention

Gartner, Market Guide for Backup as a Service, 2022

In addition, for the protection needs of Microsoft 365, AISHU released Microsoft 365 Protection Service, based on Your-Data Architecture, which is designed to provide protection for Microsoft 365 applications and data, helping organizations to build data security and compliance on the cloud in the most cost-effective way.

Cost-efficient Data Protection in Multi-cloud Era

As cloud transformation accelerates, most organizations choose to go multi-cloud. However, while organizations are enjoying the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, they are also deeply troubled by cloud costs that far exceed expectations. According to statistics, nearly 60% of organizations have prioritized cloud cost optimization in their cloud plans.

As a multi-domain data capability service provider, AISHU continues to innovate on the basis of deep insight into customers' needs, and upgrades AISHU Data Protection Service with a new innovative pay-for-performance business model, which is dedicated to ensuring data security in multi-cloud environment with better affordability, practically helping customers to optimize cloud cost and further accelerate cloud transformation process.

- Significant cost savings on resource investment through technologies of deduplication, incremental forever backups, data compression, etc.
- Pay-for-performance business model, paying only for protected workloads, paying only for protected data, and paying only for successful recovery, further reducing the cost.

The admission of AISHU in Gartner Market Guide for Backup as a Service for 2 consecutive years shows the high recognition of AISHU's data protection service capability by the global leading authority. In the future, AISHU will continue to innovate, further explore more business scenarios of data protection in multi-cloud environment, comprehensively improve data security with more cost-effective data protection services, and create data-driven organizations together with various industries.

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