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Why is Multidomain Data Capabilities?

Multicloud increases data management complexity

Cloud delivers more agile business capabilities for digital. 89% of organizations choose multi-cloud as the key strategy.

A single platform cannot meet diverse data needs

Strong data needs come from diverse data such as structured data, unstructured data, machine data.

Multiple data platforms make it difficult to share data

65% of organizations have adopted at least 2 data platforms for data integration, governance, analysis and insight.

AISHU Multidomain Data Capabilities: The necessity of a data-driven organization

AISHU Multidomain Data Governance: Improving data quality and accessibility

Monetizing, Servitizing, and Knowledgeizing Multidomain Data with AISHU Middle Platform Solution

Enabling all-round data-driven of multidomain data scenarios

through AISHU middle platform solutions:

Unstructured Data Middle Platform:

Driving operations with data and transform productivity with content through integration, governance and insight of unstructured data

AIOps Middle Platform:

Driving operations with data and unleash ops productivity through integration, governance and insight of machine data

Knowledge-Driven Middle Platform:

Transforming data into assets through Data Fabric architecture, enabling intelligent applications with domain knowledge networks, and reshaping organizational productivity

AISHU Multidomain Data Capability Innovation from ONE Architecture

All AISHU products adopt ONE Architecture:

Maximizing data value with the free flow of multidomain data

Achieving consistent user experience for multidomain data capabilities

Realizing the integrated management of multidomain data capabilities through deep integration of products