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Tiered Protection & Data Services Platform in Hybrid Cloud

Why us?

Unified data protection

Protect physical, virtual and cloud environments in one platform.

Support backup, CDM and CDP in one platform to achieve different RTO & RPO goals for different systems.

Superb performance

Efficient protection for large databases, massive VMs and massive small files.

12x backup and recovery performance for KB level files, 20x recovery performance for VMware

Resiliency platform

Scale-out architecture, support up to 32 nodes per cluster.

AlwaysOn Framework,seamlessly integrate third-party cloud platforms to provide BaaS.


100% ‘Willingness to Recommend’, Highly Trusted by Large and Midsize Enterprises

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Tiered Protection & Data Services Platform in Hybrid Cloud

Since AISHU was founded in 2006, AnyBackup has served customers in 40 countries and regions, and is recognized by large and midsize enterprises in Asia/Pacific, Africa, South America and Europe. AISHU is running two global operation centers in Hamburg, Germany and Singapore. With 5 operation centers across China, AnyBackup is dedicated to conquering challenges both on-premises and cloud. With global cloud service providers and strong local partners, AnyBackup is able to deliver a better user experience.

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