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Proactive Collaborative Services to Continuously Meet Business Needs

Prority Problem Support

Priority resposne will be available when a problem is accessed.

Dedicated Service

Customers can specify technical engineers to provide services.

Exclusive IM Group

Enterprise exclusive IM groups will be created for customers to consult and get feedback at any time.

Expert Support for Key Incidents

Customers can make independent appointments with technical experts team to consult and communicate on key incidents and business changes.

Support & Analysis Report

For P1/P2 and other core and key business incidents, support reports and business recommendations are provided on demand.

Operation Inspection

A business operation health inspection with related report is provided every six months to help customers grasp business trends timely and predict risks.

Rich Online Services

Help customers achieve self-empowerment and meet customers' self-service needs

Technical Knowledge Base

Q&A Center

Document Center

Software Download

Detailed Support plan

Service Type Service Item Standard Advanced
Initialization Supprt Remote Initialization Support -
Technical Support Hotline Support 5*8 (Customer local time) 7*24
Incident Severity/Response Time P1:<15min;P2:<2h;P3:<8h;P4:<24h
Collaboration and Improvement Priority Problem Support -
Dedicated Service -
Exclusive IM Group -
Expert Support for Key Incidents -
Support & Analysis Report -
Operation Inspection - Remote Inspection/every 6 months
System Check Reminder
Development Support Remote Development Support -
Optimize and Update Product Patch/Upgrade Document support Remote support
Expert Guidance on Business Optimization -
Training Online Training
Online Service Support Center Self-service Worksheet
Software Download
Knowledge Base
Online Help
Product Blog
Developer Community


  • Initialization Support: Provide initial deployment and basic configuration of the server, installation and deployment guidance of the client
  • Hotline Support: 5*8 (Customer local time) or 7*24 hotline support
  • Incident Severity: P1: core service is down and service data is lost, P2: key service performance is affected and service system is abnormal, P3: product function occasionally fails while service system operates normally, P4: no impact alarm, business-related consultation and suggestions
  • Priority Problem Support: Accessed issues will be prioritized
  • Dedicated Service: Dedicated technical engineers for customers to respond and solve problems quickly
  • Exclusive IM Group: 7*24 exclusive enterprise IM group to quickly respond to customers' problems such as troubleshooting and business consultation in real time
  • Expert Guidance on Business Optimization: The customer initiates a remote meeting with technical experts to review key issues, reports or change impacts
  • Support & Analysis Report: Provide support & analysis reports on demand after P1/P2 incidents to help customers understand the reasons and put forward suggestions for improvement
  • Operation Inspection: Provide remote inspection service for product health status by customer appointment
  • System Check Reminder: Proactively remind customers to check the system operation and maintenance status by email or online
  • Remote Development Support: AISHU integration developers remotely solve customers' code errors in integrated development and provide suggestions
  • Product Patch/Upgrade: Free official license upgrade and default standard upgrade guide manual
  • Expert Guidance on Business Optimization: Discuss usage and improvement plans with technical support experts once a year in service period by customer appointment
  • Online Training: Regular online courses on the latest product capabilities, usage scenarios, technical maintenance capabilities, technical topics, etc.

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