Ransomware is Just Around You!

Ransomware is a malicious computer virus that spreads mainly in the form of emails, program trojan horses, and webpage hanging horses.

Ransomware is used by criminal organizations to extort money, with victims paying ransom in exchange for key decryption of data or data recovery through backups

Ransomware attacks are increasingly complex and specifically target backup systems or directly steal data.

Heavy Losses Caused by Ransomware

Source: Cybersecurity Ventures, Gartner, ESG


IT organizations have been



ransom-paid organizations

recovered data

US$ 5.6K/min

average crash cost

US$ 1.85M

average recovery cost

You Need Deeper Ransomware Protection

For ransomware with a wider impact, the key to detect and recover from attack is immutable backups.

Not only for Windows

Not only for PC

Not only for organization system

Not only for enterprise


Also for Linux, VMware, Mac, Android

Also for server, application system, NAS

Also for industrial internet and mobile devices

Also for government, healthcare, education, energy, finance…

Products and Services Integrated in the Solution

AISHU Anti-ransomware Solution combines multiple products and services,

offering your organization a complete approach for the comprehensive protection from latest threats.

Backup Recovery

Quick recovery in large scale for more workloads, security compliance enhancement

Intelligent Analytics

Real-time or history event analysis, alert, block, more functionalities on detect

Global Insight

Non spreadable, immutable, DLP, anti-ransomware enhancement

Multi-layered Approach for Comprehensive Data Protection


Protect against ransomware with deployment in advance

Immutable storage

RBAC authentication

4 roles to separate working scope improving security level

Hardened and verified OS to improve OS security level and performance

Incremental forever backup

Raw source data format backup image capture

Identify and detect ransomware intelligently for quick response

Shorten MTTI and MTTR to build a perfect proactive defensive system

Timely identifying potential risks and anomalies with advanced models

Monitor and integrate with backup system to detect backup infrastructure changes and issuing alerts


Intelligent identification and monitoring throughout the whole process


Instant recovery to protect data from tampering or deletion

Immutable storage ensuring clear backup copy to restore customer data at any time

Instantly mount and mass restore to reduce downtime impact

Guided by full suite of DR plans to improve whole restore accuracy

Targeted Protection to Secure Your Data

AISHU Anti-ransomware Solution provides targeted defense measures for knowledge worker's data and enterprise business data, which is effective to resist data encryption and data leakage.

Knowledge Worker's Data

Knowledge worker's data is the main target of ransomware attacks. It’s protected jointly by AnyShare and AnyRobot.

Detect any anomaly through log analysis and access patterns

Issue warning and block affected users to access system

Restore deleted and tampered files with history version and recycle station

Immutable data storage

For PCs with DLP installed: if user downloaded unencrypted files, DLP will encrypted files in cache

For PCs without DLP installed: user can only download encrypted files through policy, hackers got useless encrypted files

Enterprise Business Data

Business system data is the new attack trend. With immutable storage, AnyBackup ensures the backup and recovery.

Supports major enterprise workloads and virtual infrastructures

Reduce backup size and network bandwidth with incremental forever backup

Instantly mount and restore at scale based on CDM

Monitor and detect any anomalies continuously

Issue warning for potential ransomware attack and vulnerabilities

Linux kernel-based filter driver block any unauthenticated API process to read/write storage

Backup image retention based on internal clock to avoid to change system time attack

Types of Data Protection

Knowledge Worker's Data

Business Data

Ways to Block Ransom

Pay Ransom

Publish Your Data Public

Latest Technology

Immutable Backup Data Storage

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