AnyBackup-Creating Oracle backup job failed with Oracle error code ORA-01507 when expanding data source

2020-06-28 568 0




Applied Versions

· AnyBackup 6.0.x



In AnyBackup, when you try to create Oracle database backup job, click '+' to expand data source, it failed. And you can see the errors:

ORA-01507: database not mounted



Unable to create AnyBackup Oracle database backup job.



The Oracle database instance is not in MOUNTED status.



To resolve this issue, start the Oracle instance status on the backup client server to MOUNT or OPEN. Please follow the steps below:

Note: Contact Oracle Support for assistance in following the below steps accurately.

1.    Connect to the Oracle instance, execute the following command.

sqlplus / as sysdba

2.    Run the following command to modify the instance to MOUNT or OPEN status.

alter database mount;

alter database open

3.    Use the following command to confirm the current Oracle database instance status.

select status,instance_name from v$instance;

4.    Authorize the Oracle again on AnyBackup console while creating backup job.


More Information

For more information about Oracle instance status, please refer to Oracle official article: Managing the Oracle Instance. & Korea)