AnyBackup-Microsoft SQL Server dissimilar machine recovery job fails with error:Please reauthorize!

2020-06-15 1086 0


SQL Server recoveryreauthorize


Applied Versions

· AnyBackup Express 7.0.x

· AnyBackup CDM 7.0.x



AnyBackup SQL Server dissimilar machine recovery job execution failed. And under Execution Output window, you can see the errors:

Please reauthorize!(Error provider: mssqlcore, error value: 407502849, error location: ncMssqlOdbc.cpp:128).(Error provider: mssqlschedule, error value: 407502849, error location: ncRestoreSchedule.cpp:124). From: mssqlschedule, Exception No.: 407502849.



AnyBackup recovers Microsoft SQL Server database to dissimilar machine fails.



The Microsoft SQL Server database recovery job will fail, if the destination instance is not authorized on AnyBackup Console.



To resolve this issuethe target AnyBackup client acquires the authentication of destination instance data sources. Please follow the steps below:

1.      Use operator to log in to AnyBackup Console, click Recourses > Client.

2.      Select the target client, click Permission Assign, click  , then click '+' to expand the data sources.

3.      Select the target instance and click [Unauthorized], then select one of the authentication mode, click OK to finish the authentication.



More Information

Before destination database recovery, AnyBackup is required to get data sources. For more information of SQL Server Authentication Mode, please refer to Microsoft SQL Server article: SQL Server Authentication Mode. & Korea)