Together with Partners, AISHU is Empowering Every Industry

“One City One Forum” aims to helping clients to accelerate their digital transformation by marketing events. This series of forms will tour China and cover solutions, case study, technological discussion, etc. AISHU is investing in marketing campaigns to locate opportunities for partners, and to provide professional guidance to increase partners’ event and marketing capabilities. Meanwhile, AISHU’s high-level lecturers will get involved in the forums to have face-to-face interactions with clients and share the latest industrial solutions.

The first forum in Nanjing: a focus on digital transformation

In the first stop of “One City One Forum” in Nanjing with High Hope Zhongtian Corp., we shared the cutting-edge trend of digital transformation and our industrial experience.

Digital transformation is the core of Chinese enterprise nowadays. The global investment in digitalization reached 1.7 trillion dollars in 2019 which increased by 43% compared with that in 2017. IDC estimated that 20% of China’s GDP in 2020 will come from business digital transformation. The first step of digital transformation is to identify the key business success factors, and the success lies in enterprise’s data capability and maturity.

In the intelligent era, the big data infrastructure is the foundation of a digital enterprise, and it can help the enterprise to address challenges brought by massive and dynamic data, data compliance and data value maximization. Power by artificial intelligence, AISHU big data infrastructure processes, analyzes and explores the value of massive data in the data lake through the combination of four major products: AnyBackup, AnyShare, AnyRobot and AnyData. 

Next, the “One City One Forum” will share the cutting-edge trend and industrial experience in multiple cities in china with a focus on government, enterprises, public services and etc.
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