Secured another round of financing, AISHU will continue on the construction of big data infrastructure and internalization

Recently, AISHU has secured round of financing, led by Jinlian Holdings and Haihe Industry Fund, followed by Cybernaut with a total financing amount of 250 million yuan.

Responding to the national “New Infrastructure Construction” and “One Belt One Road” policies, AISHU continues its effort in hyper availability, data intelligence, managed data cloud, and construction of partner ecosystem, and expand its international business step by step by the establishment of the European Operation Center in Germany and APAC Operation Center in Singapore.

Next, AISHU will further implement its big data infrastructure strategy by empowering business with data middle platform and assisting digital transformation with the combination of four product lines: AnyBackup data backup and disaster recovery cloud, AnyShare content cloud, AnyRobot log cloud, AnyData insight cloud. Meanwhile, with its big data infrastructure, AISHU will accelerate the implementation of data intelligent solutions in smart city, fin-tech, and growth enterprise sectors.
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