AISHU Launched a Series of New Products at SMART 2022 to Create Data-Driven Organizations

At the annual summit SMART 2022, AISHU released a series of new products and services to comprehensively improve data quality and d  ata accessibility through multi-domain data governance to build a big data infrastructure with multidomain data capabilities.

AnyDATA Framework 2

AISHU relaunched the new product AnyDATA Framework 2 at SMART 2022 recently, which empowers machine cognition with three major innovations: Domain Knowledge Network, Domain IQ, and Integrated Development Framework, to enable data-driven innovation.

- Domain Knowledge Network: A collection of knowledge representations around the domain cognitive model, including domain knowledge graph, domain glossary, domain language model, domain rule base, etc.
- Domain IQ: IQ of domain knowledge network is used to measure the degree of intelligence that a domain knowledge network can achieve when the domain cognitive intelligence is applied in that area. It is the value quantification indicator of domain knowledge network.
- Integrated Development Framework: Integrating domain knowledge network generation and domain cognitive intelligence application development, customers can realize end-to-end data knowledge and business intelligence.

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AnyFabric ONE

Data contains infinite value. However, data silos and business silos have become a key obstacle to unleashing the value of data. Gartner clearly states that Data Fabric is the future of data management. But currently less than 5% of data management vendors offer a complete support framework for Data Fabric.

As a next-generation data architecture, Data Fabric is dedicated to the connection and governance of multidomain data to improve data quality and accessibility, with the following core concepts.

- Connect metadata for all data
- Form a business-centric data asset graph
- Users access the corresponding data services or analysis through business objects

To stop the spread of data silos and unleash the value of massive data, AISHU releases AnyFabric ONE in SMART 2022. Based on Data Fabric architecture, it realizescomprehensive connection between business and business, business and data, and monitors and identifies changes in business metadata and business objects in real time through domain cognitive intelligence, to form a dynamic data asset graph and deliver data intelligently, efficiently, and agilely delivered to data consumers and better enable global insights and decisions to drive business with data.

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Data Protection Service

Multi-cloud has become a common choice for organizations. However, while organizations enjoy the agility and other benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, they also face the challenges of cloud costs that far exceed expectations.

AISHU's Data Protection Service, built on Your-Data Architecture, is not only widely compatible with various workloads and unified protection and management of multi-cloud data, but also innovatively provides a Pay-for-Performance business model, which is committed to creating more economical data protection services and helping customers further reduce purchase costs.

The Pay-for-Performance business model of AISHU Data Protection Service includes:

- Pay only for workloads to be protected, no need to pay for unprotected applications and data
- Pay only for protected data, no need to predict capacity and pre-purchase licenses
- Pay only for successful recovery, making the payment truly worthwhile

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Microsoft365 Protection Service

Data security of Microsoft 365 is under constant threat from ransomware, human error, and other risks. However, Microsoft 365 adopts a shared responsibility model, indicating that customers are responsible for their own data. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional data protection service to ensure data security.

In response, AISHU released Microsoft 365 Protection Services, a more cost-effective approach to ensuring data security compliance on the cloud.

- Data Security: Support backup of Microsoft 365 data to Microsoft Azure or other public cloud object storage, and cope with all kinds of data risks through encryption algorithms, WORM features of object storage, and rich recovery options
- Policy compliance: Support policy-based data archiving and advanced search and export of data to meet compliance requirements
- More cost-effectiveness: Pay only for protected data and successful recovery, combined with low-cost storage, significantly reducing costs

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Knowledge Center Service

Knowledge is a key element that permeates the digital workspace. As work models evolve, knowledge management also evolves.

AISHU released the new Knowledge Center Service with three major advantages in benefiting new work scenarios.

- Easy to use: Deep integrated with AnyShare Family 7, one-click opening and deployment-free; and provides accurate video-based knowledge search capability, supports automatic video content classification, combined with video OCR and pan-tag extraction to achieve accurate search
- Economical: Innovative pay-by-performance business model, pay by the daily active users and video usage effect, with various credits preferential policies to get lower TCO
- Intelligent: Built-in domain knowledge networks, such as regulatory domain knowledge network and industry domain knowledge networks, providing efficient knowledge topic management and realizing intelligent search and recommendation

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Operations Knowledge Services

Operations knowledge plays a vital role in DevOps construction. However, the existing O&M knowledge base of many enterprises cannot really work due to low precipitation of operations knowledge, inability to search for knowledge and use it.

AISHU released the Operations Knowledge Service that keeps evolving to help DevOps teams efficiently solve business problems, drive operations with data, and improve operations productivity.

- Efficient: One-click access to operations knowledge, plus automated classification, independent subscription and active pushing, realizes efficient management and application of operations knowledge and improves the efficiency of IT event analysis and processing
- Intelligent: Based on domain cognitive intelligence technology, intelligently improve the quantity and quality of operations knowledge, and help customers obtain knowledge more accurately through intelligent search and personalized recommendation.
- Economical: Pay by performance, only pay for active users and knowledge set usage; at the same time, adopt points deduction mechanism, reward points based on contribution and sharing to further reduce cost

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