AISHU Unveiled a Methodology to Formulate Enterprise Data Strategies and Build Data-Driven Organizations at SMART 2022

At today's AISHU SMART 2022 Online Summit, AISHU formally unveiled the methodologies for enterprises to formulate clear data strategies and build data-driven organizations, and launched the Open Source Program and Digital Partner Program 2.0 to create data-driven organizations with customers.

A Clear Data Strategy to Accelerate Data-Driven Business with Confidence

According to Forrester research, only 28% of enterprises consider themselves mature or leading in data-driven operations and innovation. In order to help customers solve existing data challenges and implement the vision of "Reshaping Productivity with Data, Co-creating a Smart World", AISHU believes that enterprises need to develop a clearer data strategy in order to confidently accelerate data-driven business.

Frank He, Founder & CEO, AISHU

A clear data strategy is made up of capability base, cultural pillars, innovative performance, and digital talents with superior leadership.

New Construction Methodology for Co-Creating Data-Driven Organizations

A data strategy is the strategic driver at the organizational level, and the data-driven organization is the organizational goal pioneered by AISHU.

With data as an important factor of production, data-driven organizations use data to drive business, achieve sustainable growth and innovative development to reshape the productivity of the organization.

In AISHU's view, there are three features of a data-driven organization.

- Organizations need to have the capability to efficiently integrate and govern data, turn data into assets, eliminate and integrate data silos with ease, and maximize the data security and quality.
- Organizations need to satisfy various business domain scenarios with data assets to drive the entire business operations, thus enabling services with data.
- Organizations need to extract knowledge from data and further unleash the value of data through the application of innovative technologies such as cognitive intelligence to drive business innovation, service innovation, and business model innovation.

How to Build a Data-Driven Organization

AISHU, together with Forrester, conducted a comprehensive survey on the data capabilities of medium and large enterprises in different countries and industries worldwide. The data shows that 67% of customers choose to form a close and long-term partnership with vendors to help them implement their data strategies.

At the SMART 2022 main forum, Frank He, Founder & CEO of AISHU, formally proposed a methodology for building a data-driven organization, consisting of five parts: Digital Partner Program, Your-Data Architecture, Middle Platform Solution, Domain Cognitive Intelligence, and TPA Practices. This methodology is the framework for AISHU to implement data strategy and build a data-driven organization.

Soufe Li, Vice President, AISHU Brand & Strategy

At SMART 2021, AISHU launched the Digital Partner Program 1.0, which combines customers' business scenarios and industry knowledge with AISHU's multidomain data capabilities, which has been welcomed by many customers as a new type of partnership. In order to better co-create data-driven organizations with customers, AISHU officially launched the Open Source Program and Digital Partner Program 2.0 in 2022.

AISHU will open source three main products, including AnyDATA Framework, AnyRobot Eyes, and the new product AnyFabric, to allow our customers, partners, and developers in the open source community to co-create, enhance the products, and realize more scenario applications, jointly enabling products and services based on co-creation, transparency and trust.

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