Again! AISHU Won the Bid of China Mobile Backup Appliance Project 2022-2023

Recently, AISHU has successfully won the bid of China Mobile 2022-2023 centralized procurement project for the new part of backup appliance. Since 2017, AnyBackup has been securing data for China Mobile for many years. Winning again is the continuous recognition and trust of China Mobile on AnyBackup's product and solution strength.

Ongoing Protection

China Mobile is now the world's largest telecommunications operator with the largest mobile network, the largest number of customers, and the high brand and market value. It has been listed in the Fortune Global 500 for 19 consecutive years and has branches across the country. China Mobile has a wide range of businesses, involving personal services such as 5G, and enterprise-level services such as digital technologies and solutions.

In this project, AnyBackup, with distributed products and stand-alone products, will provide different SLA levels of protection such as scheduled backup, copy data management, continuous data protection for mainstream databases, virtualization platforms and massive unstructured data in the IT environment of China Mobile, to comprehensively guarantee the security of data.

Besides China Mobile, AnyBackup continues to work in the operator industry while providing secure and reliable disaster recovery services for China Telecom, China Unicom, the other two of top three telecommunications operators in China, and many other Fortune Global 500 customers. AISHU is also a partner of China Mobile International (CMI).

Leading Innovation

Digital transformation accelerates the explosive growth of data. The massive data backup scenario often faces many challenges such as incomplete preparation, storage, difficulties in protection and complicated management. Based on this, AnyBackup introduces an innovative distributed architecture with high throughput, easy scalability, high availability and easy management, which will help China Mobile achieve efficient protection of massive data.

· High throughput: AnyBackup can easily meet the stringent SLA requirements with technologies of massive task concurrency, multi-channel transmission and load balancing.
· Easy to scale: AnyBackup distributed architecture supports Scale-out scaling, fully meeting the protection needs of large data or incremental data scenarios.
· High availability: The backup system is highly available, and the backup data is highly reliable, securing data more safely.
· Easy to manage: AnyBackup's distributed architecture automatically load-balances a large number of tasks and ensures high availability of all services, avoiding operations and maintenance work caused by backup task failures to effectively simplify management.

Extensive Use

Backup appliance based on distributed architecture will become a reliable choice for disaster recovery in the era of massive data for its unique high performance, scalability and security. Up to now, AnyBackup distributed architecture has served over 100 customers and protected the data security of more than 1 EB. In the future, AnyBackup distributed architecture will serve more customers.

· For government customers: AnyBackup distributed architecture can achieve efficient protection of massive virtual machines, cloud platforms and databases, and automate task allocation and management through load balancing of massive tasks, effectively reducing management complexity.
· For financial customers such as banks and securities: AnyBackup distributed architecture not only can complete the backup of huge database and massive virtual machines in a limited time window, but also supports high availability of backup system and high reliability of backup data, further meeting the stringent SLA requirements of financial customers' core business.
· For large enterprise customers: AnyBackup's distributed architecture can scale flexibly according to customer requirements, thus effectively coping with the data protection challenges caused by rapid service expansion.

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