AnyRobot Library 5: an Intelligent Ops Knowledge Base for DevOps

"A knowledge base covering the full business lifecycle is the best carrier to secure value delivery".

DevOps teams are always facing many challenges. DevOps requires automation. Automation requires standardization for CI/CD deployment. The knowledge base is the best carrier to ensure standardization.

However, the existing knowledge base has problems with unavailability, inaccuracy, difficulty in input and high maintenance cost, which makes knowledge and experience cannot be passed on, and affects DevOps efficiency.

· On the one hand, the siloed IT system construction constantly leads to ops data silos among systems, and experts’ experience and knowledge cannot be shared smoothly between development, operation, testing, and business departments.
· On the other hand, the shortage of experienced ops human resource is also increasing the ops costs. · Automatic knowledge input, automatically label and classification to manage knowledge

As a result, DevOps collaboration is blocked, and the transfer efficiency of business value is greatly reduced.

Nowadays, it is becoming a consensus to create an ops knowledge base with an open platform, easy to use and maintain, which can avoid the ops data silos in the process of new DevOps and improve DevOps productivity.

AnyRobot Library 5 is an intelligent ops knowledge base for DevOps. Compared with traditional knowledge bases, AnyRobot Library 5 creates an ops knowledge network based on domain cognitive intelligence technology by associating multiple types of knowledge sources, realizing scenarios such as intelligent knowledge recommendation, accurate knowledge search and knowledge Q&A, activating the value of ops knowledge and improving DevOps efficiency.

As a sustainably evolving ops knowledge base, AnyRobot Library 5 makes the ops knowledge base easier and more usable, bringing a better user experience.

· Automatic knowledge input, automatically label and classification to manage knowledge
· More accurate knowledge search based on intention understanding and knowledge association
· Easy access to the required knowledge through knowledge subscription and intelligent recommendation
· Gain expert experience through knowledge Q&A

That is to say, the richer the knowledge network, the smarter AnyRobot Library 5 will become, iteratively evolving forward.

Here are some highlights of AnyRobot Library 5:

· Knowledge input: Automatic knowledge input supports more abundant data sources, including relational database, data warehouse, cloud storage, message queue, etc.
· Knowledge management: The administrator can monitor the operation and maintenance of all contents in the knowledge center and view all data of the corresponding contents according to his/her authority.
· Knowledge search: Semantic search and intention search are supported to solve the problem of inaccurate search effect in traditional keyword matching.
· Knowledge recommendation: Support multi-dimensional knowledge recommendation and user portrait-based content recommendation.
· Knowledge Q&A: AnyRobot intelligent Q&A robot supports context-combined analysis, correlation prediction and other functions.

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