Novartis & AnyShare: The Winning Path of Digital Marketing for the Leading Global Medicines Company

"We are looking for new ways to harness the power of digital technology in all aspects of our business- including R&D, sales and operations - to improve cost effectiveness and efficiency."

Novartis is a leading global healthcare company that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide, with about 125,000 employees of more than 140 nationalities. As the first and largest comprehensive R&D center established by Novartis in China, Novartis China keeps promoting medical business innovation with digital technology driven by Novartis' digital strategy.

Novartis China has achieved remarkable results through years of digital construction, with new business systems covering almost all types of business scenarios. However, as the amount of data in business systems continues to increase, new issues are arising:

- How to identify potential doctors and recruit them online efficiently and accurately?
- How to reach the target doctor with the best visit plan and appropriate interaction?
- How to evaluate the effect of digital operation and optimize it in time?

After comprehensive consideration, Novartis China finally decided to cooperate with AISHU AnyShare to jointly build a Content Management Platform based on the Unstructured Data Middle Platform, connecting channels, users and content to form a full-link marketing.

The Content Management Platform built by AnyShare connects with multiple key business systems at the content production end to realize the full lifecycle management of marketing content. In addition, the platform is based on a dedicated AI model for metadata in the pharmaceutical industry to achieve accurate interactive experience of content marketing.

- Unified aggregation of core business system documents to achieve full lifecycle management
- Customized label system to achieve accurate portraits of marketing content
- AI-based automatic content matching and recommendation for personalized digital marketing

AISHU and Novartis China will explore more application scenarios of customer data consumption for pharmaceutical industry, keeping improving efficiency through innovative digital technology and advanced analysis technology.

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