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Complicated product management? Telecommuting helps you to clear the fog.

2020-04-24 3322 0
" Complicated product management, involves communication and collaboration with multiple business departments of the entire company. Under the current epidemic, many employees are working remotely, which poses a very big challenge to our daily work. —The product owner of an IT company said. Take the product release work as an example, It is involved with a large number of audits, program communication, document interaction, etc. with R & D, operations, services, marketing, supply, business and other teams. How to solve collaboration problems in this case?

With the help of AnyShare, you can manage and operate the life cycle of these products, and the digital assets of enterprises or organizations.

Challenge No.1: Unable to communicate on the spot, cross-department collaboration data sharing is not smooth

The communication of product managers involves various business departments. The original offline communication was replaced by online meetings and online voice. How to maintain the efficiency and quality of communication in such an environment is an important challenge.
With AnyShare, remote communication between colleagues is barrier-free. After the permission configuration is completed, the product manager can update the document and synchronize to the cloud. Colleagues open the same file and communicate in real time with voice. Comprehensive interactions can be realized in real time.

Challenge No.2: Inconsistent document versions and chaotic multi-person collaboration data management

Although files can be shared through mailboxes and IMs, it is also more likely to cause inconsistent update versions of documents, chaotic document storage and management, and gradually slow down the efficiency of remote collaboration.With AnyShare document library, a unified directory hierarchy is established for daily work, and unified storage. Team members can quickly find the latest version of the required documents in the daily office process. In the scenario of remote document review and remote collaboration, having unified platform support and management capabilities for collaboration is the key to improving office efficiency.

Challenge No.3: Lack of filing and retention as well as accumulation of enterprise digital assets

Under epidemic prevention and control, various on-site review meetings were replaced by online reviews. After completing the document editing and updating with AnyShare, during the online review meeting, you can directly open the document in AnyShare for remote presentation, and discuss based on the details of the document. After the document is approved, the finalized materials are placed in the document library specified by AnyShare. The process is easy. All documents are managed and stored in order on AnyShare, which is also the accumulation and management of enterprise digital assets.

In addition, the documents of the entire product life cycle are kept in order in AnyShare document library, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of re-collecting and reorganizing the data during the product offline review, and can also provide reference for subsequent projects.

AnyShare can support the daily management of the product department, from the initial project establishment and planning, to project review, continuous operation, and offline review, to manage the product documentation life cycle, operate digital assets, and improve the efficiency of remote office.At the same time, it can also provide an important guarantee for the orderly management and usability of long-term documents.


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