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AnyShare Family 6.0.10 Release Notes

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I. Major Product Solutions

1. Removed differentiation of product features among Enterprise, Express, Cloud, and EDMS

Solution Briefing:
With the evolution of product planning, too many differentiations of product features among various sub-products is not conducive to maintenance and management. After removing product differentiations, options would be the instrument to embody variations, which would better accord with the larger development direction of the products. The differentiation removes mainly concern two areas: one is on the clients, the other is on the Web console. With feature differentiations being removed, the sub-products would be more unified.

Application Scenario and Value:
After removing differentiation features of the sub-products, it would be much easier to produce, operate, maintain, and manage; the features of the product would be more consistent, which would facilitate the frontline staff to introduce and interpret the sub-products, thus benefit the sale, operation, and management. Meanwhile, options would be available to reflect the differentiation, which would make the configuration type selection more agile and more adaptable to market demands.

Product Features AISHU EDMS 6 AnyShare Enterprise 6 AnyShare Express 6 AnyShare Cloud 6
Three-Admin Management System
Security Classification System
Secret-level Setting Auditing Procedure
Sharing Auditing Procedure
Document Auditing Procedure
HTTP Share  
NAS Gateway
Third-party NAS Shared Access on the Windows Client
CAD Online Preview
Built-in Antivirus Service  
Third-party Certification Integration Service
Multi-organization Structure
Distributed Multisite Deployment
Multiple Document Domains (including secure file exchange of internal and external networks)
Hybrid Cloud Deployment  
Modular Deployment  
Third-party Message Integration Service  
AnyShare Online Spreadsheet Integration    
Disaster Recovery
Backup (AnyBackup Integration)
(* Note: The red m              (* Note: The red mark represents newly added support items)

II. New Features

1. Improved HTTP Share Upload feature

HTTP Share Upload feature supports for uploading multiple pictures on the mobile app and mobile Web client.

2. The Web client can jump to local path after having searched related content

The Web Client can be clicked to jump to the local path after having searched related files or folders.

3. The iOS client supports for choosing files from the album and directly uploading to AnyShare

4. The mobile app (iOS) support the access and integration of mobile cloud network

The mobile app (iOS) supports the access of mobile cloud network.

III. Experience Improvement and System Optimization

1.Took out the color bars on the top of the Web client

Removing the color bars on the top of the Web client solves the problem of conflicting colors when the mobile app is embedded into other App.

2. Optimized the display of user names when it comes to sharing

Right-click Share, then a series of “Departments” will appear on “The Inherited Permission List”;  Rename “From” on the “Visitor” as “The Visitor’s Name”; support for pulling the breadth of the permission list.
3. Support for expanding the target address option with a double-click when users copy files or folders on the Web interface
When a file or a folder is copied or moved, it will expand, without bothering to click to the path with several clicks.

4. Optimized HTTP Share page

A prompt is added on the HTTP Share configuration window when users right-click HTTP Share to send an email: Sent successfully or failed; meanwhile, a Confirm button will pop up. If the email sent failed, click Confirm to come back to HTTP Share Window; if it sent successfully, click Confirm and the HTTP Share window will be closed.

IV. Matters Needing Attention

1. Canceled the prefix limits of iOS update package’s download link

Considering the iOS app upgrades through the AppStore, i.e., in the form of HTTP Link, therefore, the requirement for a constrained prefix is removed and changed as a general upgrade link. After modification, the download link can fill in any value; the generated download link keeps in correspondence with the filled-in link.

V. Bug Fixes and Some Improvements

Web Client
1. Fix an issue where the content wasn’t changed when double-click to open Office Online preview after editing
2. Address an issue where the preview of audio and video files via HTTP Share would fail
3. Resolve an issue where the message auditing page is blank after refreshing
4. Fix an issue where users cannot log out of the client if in full-text search

Windows Client

1. Address an issue where the editing via the tooling software cannot be normally saved

2. Resolve an issue where the client caused the Citrix Virtual Desktop to work abnormally
3. Realize unified login with  Beijing Rural Commercial Bank’s desktop
Through cooperation with VRV in a way they provide information like interface return field users, the Windows client would not be the single one to enter login information.
4. Fix an issue where shellext conflicted with CompMgmtLauncher.exe and caused the PC to have no reaction
5. Optimize an issue where the client's state mechanism caused the sidebar to go offline
6. Address an issue where copied SharedLink wasn’t the latest link because of the off-line client
The user selected a file with the client off-line, then the client was online and the user copied the SharedLink, which was not the latest link. After the fix, the user could copy the newest link under such situations.

MAC Client

1. Resolve an issue where the user could not use the cached file if the WiFi was not connected

2. Fix an issue where the status icons display erroneously when the user clicked the uncached files with network disconnected

3. Address an issue where state icons occasionally disappeared after opening, editing, and saving files


1. Fix multiple reflective xss loopholes in console 8000

2. Resolve an issue where the file library went wrong when opening or closing the organization structure layer

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