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AnyShare Family 7.0.4 Released,Content Portal Officially Unveiled!

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Content Portal

I. Content Portal Introduction

The Content Portal integrates My Portal, Documents, Works, KnowledgeCenter and AutoSheets to present document management, content services, knowledge management, and other content-level abilities according to customers' individual requirements, to fully meet the preferences of users with different usage habits.

II. Features Implemented in This Version

1. My Portal: Supports forming personalized windows according to user preferences with different content components, to create a dedicated office space for everyone.
² News: Management Console adds a Portal Admin, which can manage news in portal, users can view important news to achieve speedy content dissemination.
² Briefing: Visualize user's operation behavior and show the times of updating/ previewing/ downloading/ collaboration files in the last 7 days, for users to clearly grasp the work progress.
² Popular around you: Display the files previewed/downloaded by members under the user's organization over a period of time, which is convenient to improve the file collaboration contact among users.
² Information BarProvide a unified public information display portal, the Portal Admin can manage Information Bar to meet the needs of users to access common information such as company system specifications quickly .
² Activity: Show the update activity of user's starred files, to obtain the updated version of files from other users immediately and reduce the difficulty of information sync among users.
² Recently Viewed Documents: Support statistics on the recently viewed/updated documents of users, enabling users to find the required documents quickly.
² Starred: List of user's starred files/folders to obtain files without entering the Documents, which makes searching more efficient.
² Personalized Knowledge Recommendation: The Recently Viewed Knowledge/ Recommended Knowledge/ Hot Question widget of KnowledgeCenter is integrated into [My Portal] to realize unified knowledge aggregation.
2. One-stop Interactive Experience: Uniform navigation bar, avatar, personal information portal and loading icon are realized in each window of the Content Portal to ensure a consistent interactive experience. In addition, a [Back to Top] button in My Portal is added to reduce user's manual operation steps.

Optimization of Core Features】

I. Intelligent Search: More Efficient Search with One-Stop Result Presentation

1. Unified Search Portal: The Content Portal provides a unified search portal in top bar, which can jump to a separate search page through searching keywords or clicking [Go to Intelligent Search] to meet users' global search needs.
2. Improve File Filtering Experience
² More Extensive Time Filtering Dimension: The time scope adds " Date Created" and " Date Modified" options, supporting users to filter files customized according to different time dimensions to improve file searching efficiency.
² Filter Display Optimization: The filter items in search results page are displayed tiled by default, making the filtering operation easier for users.
3. Tags Display Optimization: Omit the content beyond display range when matching search results to multiple tags/catalogs, the full content is hovered to view.
4. Folder Opening Optimization: Change from jumping to the folder location to opening the folder directly when clicking on the folder in search results, reducing the manual operation steps for users.

II. Document Domains: Easier Document Domain Configuration

1. App Account Feature Upgrade
² Support App Account Configuring Document Domain:The App Account in Management Console has new management permission to configure Document Domain. The App Account can set sync schedule status by accessing interface, to meet more requirements of 3rd party system to use Document Domain.
² Support App Account Setting Document Owner:Admins can set Document owner as App Account, which is convenient for 3rd party business system to set Document permissions and improve the efficiency of permission control.
2. Restrict Doc Domain Sync Started by Users :The [ Doc Domain Sync ] button is hidden in right-click menu of the Document (and Document in Starred) to avoid unreasonably large concurrent operations caused by user errors.
3. Document Creation Optimization:Add a new message type for the completion of creating User Document and support pushing to 3rd party message platform to help users know the Document status in time.

III. NAS Gateway: Improving NAS Gateway Availability

1. Support High Availability: NAS Gateway supports multi replica deployment to ensure that other nodes can still work normally after one node fails, to meet customers' business continuity requirements.
2. Support Domain User Login: The SMB protocol newly supports Domain User logging into NAS Gateway to meet the needs of legacy business systems to connect AnyShare directly with Domain Users.

IV. Workflow: More Comfortable Usage with Optimized Workflow Process

1. Workflow Process Optimization: 
² Portal Optimization: The portal of [Approvals] and [Workflows] is moved to the upper right corner of the Works.
² Workflow Optimization: Support configuring Dept. Approver directly in current window when creating a new workflow process, making workflow configuration more convenient.
² Template Display Optimization: If the workflow template is deleted on another page during process editing, it will be prompted no longer existing when saving. In addition, the workflow template list removes [Created by] field and adds [Rename] operation.

V. SAP Intelligent Content Management: SAP Connection Configurable

1. SAP Connection Can Be Configured: Management Console provides SAP Connection interface, the admins can create and search SAP Connection directly, which is convenient for managing SAP interface in a unified way.

Optimization of Sub-products

I.KnowledgeCenter : Integration of KnowledgeCenter and Intelligent Search

1. Unified Search for Knowledge Content: KnowledgeCenter is integrated with Intelligent Search, Knowledge Circle/Article/Q&A/User content can be searched through Intelligent Search and support classified search on the search result page to achieve unified knowledge aggregation and more efficient knowledge search.
2. Experience Optimization:
  • Support adding tags to personal information to improve the accuracy of searching users.
  • The [+Create Knowledge Circle] and [Post Article] buttons are hovered with usage tips, for users to grasp the usage quickly.
  • Knowledge Circle supports adding Articles created by others, which makes knowledge gathering easier.
  • Article editing provides a standard catalog template to guide users to edit articles using uniform specification and improve the quality of knowledge content.

II.AutoSheets: New AutoSheets Separate Window

1. Experience Optimization: The AutoSheets location is changed from Works to a separate window of Content Portal, and the current page can be remembered when switching from AutoSheets to Documents, for users to locate the required sheets quickly when switching back to AutoSheets.
2.Forms Optimization: When editing forms, the original options will not be lost when switching between SingleSelect, MultiSelect and DropDown to improve form editing experience.

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