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AnyShare Family Released,Observability Function Upgrade!

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Optimization of Core Features】

I. Observability: Login Activity Can Be Counted

1. Realize Statistics of Login Data: The Dashboard in Management Console adds a new "Users Login" data source, which supports statistics on logins count and users count for successful logins, making it easy for admins to keep track of user logins in AnyShare and provide more comprehensive statistics on user behavior.
2. Support Exporting Detailed SheetsThe charts of "Visits for Sharedlink for users" and "Visits for Sharedlink for anyone" with data source "User Activity" support exporting detailed data, so that admins can keep statistics and file user sharing behavior easily.

II. Content Lake: Speedy Uploads for More Efficient Collaboration

1. Increase Upload Speed for Large FilesOptimize the upload speed of single large file in Cloud Disk, Desktop Client and Web Client to more than 50MB/s, help users to improve the efficiency of file management and achieve more efficient collaborative work.
2. Data Cleaning Optimization:In the scenario of initiating backup during data cleaning, the backup will be started normally after the default value of large/small objects has been cleaned up. The default cleaning value is changed from 1000 to 100 and can be configured, to reduce the backup waiting time caused by data cleaning.

III. Realtime Antivirus: Full Scan Performance Optimization

1. Performance Optimization:Optimize the antivirus performance of Full Scan under large data volume to ensure that files can be properly antivirus under 10 million data volume. Files which have not been modified can be skipped when scanning again with same virus database, to avoid time consuming for repeated scanning.

IV. Modular Deployment: Improve System Stability

1. Improve Stability: Upgrade Kubernetes, MariaDB and OpenSearch versions to improve system stability and performance.

Optimization of Sub-products

I. KnowledgeCenter : Enhance Recognition of Knowledge Content

1.Page Layout Optimization: The Knowledge Community page is changed from laying out by knowledge items to laying out by knowledge categories, which allows a more systematic categorization of knowledge content and guides users to view the knowledge content they care about.
2.Display Knowledge Card Cover: New cover setting function for Knowledge Circles and Articles, the cover image can be displayed on Knowledge Cards. Knowledge Circles without cover setting will show a default cover image by system to enhance the recognition of Knowledge Cards and attract users' reading interest.
3.Download Notification Optimization: For files uploaded to Knowledge Circle from AnyShare, message notifications will be sent to users who upload the file when downloaded, ensuring the accuracy of message transmission.
4. More Accurate User Search: Users who match multiple keywords when searching will be displayed first in search result to enhance the user search experience.

II.AutoSheets: Improve the Form Experience

1.Form Create Quickly: New a separate form entry, users can quickly create form through the [New] button, the form can be directly displayed in the main interface and Trash list, to make form creating and viewing quickly.
2.Automatic Positioning of Unfilled Fields: When clicking [Submit] in form with a required field unfilled, the form will automatically locate to the first unfilled required field to enhance the user experience.
3.Optimization of Title and Description Display: The title and description of the form will be updated to the form filling interface only after posting.
4.Vocabulary Optimization: Optimize the vocabulary in form, such as changing [Matrix] to [Grid], [Data Check] to [Content Restriction], [Share] to [Post], etc. to help users understanding and using.

Performance Improvements and Fixes

I. Web & Desktop Client

1. Update Tips Optimization: Support pop-up update prompt in the Desktop Client login status to ensure that users receive update tips timely. A new button [Check for Update] is added to [About] pop-up window in Client when the Deployment Console is set to [Optional Update], users can close the pop-up update prompt window and choose update time independently.
2. Delete Tips Optimization: When users delete files out of [My Documents], the prompt is changed to "After deletion, only the Documents owner can restore the deleted content in [Apps] - Trash".
3. Play Video at Multiplier Speed: Video play interface new multiplier speed button, users can adjust the speed when playing video to enhance the video viewing experience.
4. Edit Tips Optimization for Multiple Users: Under the scenario of user editing file in the web browser, the Web Client will pop up prompt message and turn to read-only mode when another user opens the same file by Cloud Disk, to avoid the failure of saving content edited by the user in Web Client without prompt.
5. 3rd-party Login Optimization:
  • For 3rd-party login systems without exit callbacks, support users to log in AnyShare normally by accessing login interface after exiting AnyShare.
  • Adjust the distance between the [ 3rd Party Login ] button and the [ Log In ] button to avoid accidental touching caused by too close distance.

II. Cloud Disk

1.Cloud Disk Keeping Online: AnyShare Cloud Disk can keep running normally on computers without shutting down for a long time, avoiding the problem of Cloud Disk going offline due to network disconnection, token expiration and other abnormalities, to improve user experience.
2.Batch File Caching Optimization: Repair the problem that some files are not downloaded when caching batch files, ensure that all files can be cached successfully.

III.Mobile Client

1. Support Switching Between Horizontal and Vertical Screens:The Android Client supports switching horizontal and vertical screen with system, to improve user's file reading experience in pad.
2. Remove Comment Portal in Right-click Menu: Android and iOS Client right-click menu of Documents list cancellation comment function entrance, to ensure a consistent experience with the Web & Desktop Client.
3.Support Jumping to 3rd Party Apps: Support Android and iOS Clients skipping to 3rd party apps such as Feishu, which makes it more convenient for users.

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