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AnyShare Family Released,Observability Advanced Services Officially Unveiled!

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Observability Advanced Services

I. Observability Services Introduction

Observability Services are divided into basic functions and Observability Advanced Services two parts. Basic functions are provided to customers for free in main module. Observability Advanced Services is provided as optional module, which requires separate order to obtain module license.

II. Features Implemented in This Release

1. Support System Behavior Monitoring Alarms: Realize monitoring alarms for system behavior such as disk space usage, host memory usage, etc. For admins to quickly find and locate problems and improve system reliability.
2. Support Viewing System Operation Log: Support visualization of system operation logs, without the need for admins to operate in background, to improve system operation and maintenance security.
Note: The implemented functions in this version and achieved observability capabilities such as OS Monitor and Data Report are all basic functions of Observability Services. The functions should be used after deploying Observability Advanced Services in this version.

Optimization of Core Features】

I. Workflow: Improve Workflow Standardization

1. Support Continuous Multi-Level Dept. Workflow: The Workflow process supports setting matching levels and approval end for continuous multi-level Dept. Workflow when specifying Dept. approver, to ensure strict compliance with the approval content.
2. Optimization of Workflow Email Link PositioningUsers can jump to [Approvals] in web client by clicking the link in Workflow email, and can directly position to the approval requests which corresponding to the email, to simplify operation steps for users.

II. Works: Better Interface, Better Use

1. Interface OptimizationRemove the word "Content Collaboration" from the Works interface and optimize the icon of File Collection, to make the visual experience more comfortable.

III. Intelligent Search: Support Jumping to Knowledge Center

1. Support Jumping to Knowledge Center:When the path of files which in search results is Knowledge Center, it changes from jumping to Documents to jumping to Knowledge Center directly after clicking on the files, to improve user experience.

Optimization of Sub-products

I. KnowledgeCenter : Clearer Knowledge Classification

1.Subject Optimization:
  • Cancel the Association of Related Experts: Knowledge Subjects are no longer associated with related experts, the Subject cards are changed from showing related experts to showing the number of files/articles/Q&A in the subject, to improve the relevance of Subject and knowledge content.
  • Adjust the Associated Knowledge Content: When the Subject has Sub-subjects, the Subject will no longer be associated with knowledge content, and the files, articles and Q&A previously bound under the subject will be bound to the automatically generated default Sub-subject by system.
  • Detail Page Optimization: The tab of the Subject detail page is changed to display Description/File/Article/Q&A/Comment, the tab of parent subject detail page is changed to Description/Sub-subjects/Comment, and the Related Subjects are displayed on the right side, to improve user interaction experience.
  • Subjects can be filtered: "My Subjects" filter is added to the subject management in background of Knowledge Center Management, so that users can locate the subjects they created quickly.
2.User Search Optimization: When searching users based on keywords, related users matched with the same keywords in all searches will also be displayed in the results of user searches, and the Profile/Posts corner marks can be displayed according to the content matched by the keywords, enhancing the relevance of users to knowledge content.
3.Article Optimization: The article table of contents is expanded by default when viewing and editing articles, making it easy for users to quickly locate the desired chapter for a better article editing experience.

II.AutoSheets: Improve the Form Experience

1.Internationalized Prompt Optimization: Optimize the internationalization prompt in the form creation and statistics process to avoid the difficulty for users to understand due to less accurate words.

Performance Improvements and Fixes

I. Web & Desktop Client

1. Quick Image Switching: Support switching images from left to right directly through the left and right keys of the keyboard when previewing images in the same folder, simplifying the user's image preview operation.
2. Video Preview with Watermark Support: Videos are controlled by Preview/Download policy. For the Documents with Watermark policy configured, the videos in Documents support displaying watermark when shared to users, enhancing the security control needs of video files.
3.Keep Login Status Validity Adjustable: The validity of [Keep me logged in ] on the login page has been changed from 1 month as default to support setting through interface to meet different user login needs.
4. Optimize Window Title Display: When users click on a sub-folder/Flow Chart file in the Document, the title of the tab or client window will display the name of sub-folder/Flow Chart. When users click on [Doc Domain Sync]/[Doc Relay] in Works, the title of the client window will display the name of the service, which is easy for users to locate quickly.
5. File Watermark Optimization: Solve the problem of inconsistent watermark depth in Office Online preview files, to ensure users get a consistent watermark preview experience.

II. Cloud Disk

1.Support Compatible with Win11: Optimize the experience of using Cloud Disk window in Win11 environment, users can use Cloud Disk function normally on Win11 system, to improve Cloud Disk usability.
2.Sync Details Memory Optimization: Load Sync Details window resources only when opening it for the first time, and use existing resources in memory for subsequent opening of Sync Details, solve the problem that Sync Details takes up too much memory.

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