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AnyShare Family Released,Improving Data Automation Capability with Automatic Catalogue!

2022-07-25 159 0

Optimization of Core Features】

I. Intelligent Search: Enhancing Automatic Processing Capacity of Files

1.Catalogue Extracting Automatically: The Extended Metadata Service supports extracting catalogue attributes automatically , and allows to select "Extract attributes based on file content" when creating a new catalogue template in Management Console. Files uploaded by users to AnyShare can automatically extract the content matching catalogue templates after turned the function on, simplifying the manual structured operation of highly regulated files such as contracts and resumes, and further enhancing file automation capability.

II.Observability: File Size Countable

1. Data Report Function RefinedNew support for file size statistics in Management Console Dashboard, new "File Size" indicator under "Doc Domain Sync" data source, and new "Actions Size" indicator under "User Activity" data source, enabling to count the total file size of user document operations.
2. Support Exporting Detailed Sheets of Anti-virus Operation: Support exporting detailed data from "Anti-virus" charts and setting the scope of exported data according to different dimensions, so admins can easily count the Anti-virus status and save the specified data locally.

III. Document Domains: Sync Functions Upgraded

1. Doc Domain Sync Performance Optimization:Doc Domain uses the internal server address as priority to download source file under the scenario where both server address and internal server address are configured, which solves the exit network jam problem.
2. Message Plugin Adds New Message Types: 3rd Party Message Plugin framework adds message type for successful sync of Document Domains started by users, sync content can be shared to 3rd Party Apps by Message Plugin.
3. Optimize Mechanism of Sync Started by Users: Optimize the mechanism of sync task thread allocation, multiple sync tasks initiated by several users at same time can be completed, avoiding the problem of other users' sync tasks blocking due to the multiple sync tasks initiated by a single user.

IV. Content Lake: Support Uploading Files with TB Size

1. Support Uploading Oversized Files: Optimize the data upload method of OSS Gateway to achieve uploading TB level files successfully while guaranteeing stability of file uploading memory footprint, to meet large file uploading needs of users.

V. Works:File Collection Function Optimization

1. File Collection Optimization:File Collection supports jump to Knowledge Docs, click the submit button in task list can jump to Knowledge Docs when the file path is saved to Knowledge Docs, to improve user experience.

VI. NAS Gateway:Small File Transfer Performance Optimization

1. Improving Performance for Small File Transfer: The i/o performance of small files is improved 5 times, and the file creation performance is improved 2 times in the same scenario. The transfer performance of 20000 small files with 512K size is improved 2 times, to increase the transfer efficiency of small files while ensuring the transfer performance stability.

Optimization of Sub-products

I. AutoSheets : Improve Form Experience

1.Form Function Optimization:
  1)Bulk Add Options: Support adding options in bulk for Single Select/ Multi Select/ Matrix fields, users can add multiple options in text box directly by ENTER, making field creation more convenient.
  2)Option Adding Optimization: Single Select/ Multi Select/ Drop Down/ Multi Drop Down fields support adding next option directly by ENTER when editing options, simplifying the user's operation steps.
  3)Richer Matrix Type: Matrix field new Matrix slider type template, slider value range can be customized, users can enter values directly by dragging slider while filling out forms, to enhance the matrix filling experience.
  4)New Subtitle for Form Questions: Form questions support inputting subtitle to further explain the question by adding description information, for users to understand the question easily when filling out the form.
  5)New Guidance Message: Add a prompt message like "Click or Drag& Drop the items from the left to here" below the last field in the form editing interface, guiding users to grasp the method of adding fields quickly when editing forms.

II. KnowledgeCenter: Achieve Accurate Classification of Knowledge Content

1.Knowledge Circle Support Content Classification: Optimize the detail page of Knowledge Circle, change the name from "Discussion" to "Content" and support classifying content, members in Knowledge Circle all can create content section and set it, relate content with section when sharing to achieve an accurate classification of Knowledge Circle content, to access knowledge content by classification easily .
2.Support Searching Related Users: New [Related Users] list is added to the search result page, which displays the users who created the knowledge content matched with search keywords, supports viewing personal info and posts of related users, to achieve finding target users quickly through knowledge content.
3.Split-word Search Result Optimization: The search is no longer subdivided into individual characters, avoiding invalid searches caused by matching to individual characters and improving the search accuracy of knowledge content.
4.New Message Reminder: Support 3rd-party message reminders for scenarios such as Knowledge Circle request joining/ invite answering/ approve passing, etc. Messages can be sent directly to the user's messaging platform through integrated development.
5.Recommend Function Optimization: Improve the accuracy of recommended knowledge content to help users quickly find relevant knowledge content.
  1)The recommended knowledge content related to the Knowledge Circle/ Article/ Q&A detail page is sorted in the order of similar title > tag > content.
  2)User recommends are sorted by related users of the content associated with the current knowledge content.
  3)Sort knowledge content by the weight of title > tag >content when Article/ Q&A/ Knowledge Circle/ Subject finding similar contents.


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