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AnyShare Family Released,Doc Relay Function Upgrade!

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Optimization of Core Features】

I. Document Domains: Binding Workflow Process to Improve Normativity of Doc Relay

1. Doc Relay Binding Workflow Process:
² New Workflow Process in Client: After Doc Relay is enabled in Management Console, the [ Doc Relay] and [ Workflows ]will be displayed in Works, users can directly create and manage the workflow visible only to them in [Workflows], which is convenient for Doc Relay to bind the workflow quickly.
² Doc Relay Support Binding Workflow Process: Specify approval and workflow when creating Doc Relay, initiate relay only for docs which pass the approval, to ensure the quality and compliance of Doc Relay.
2. Doc Relay Permission Adjustment: The permission required by Doc Relay initiator is adjusted from Owner to Download, and is controlled by Download Policy. Only files in the Document configured with download Master Document or unrestricted Download Policy can initiate Doc Relay, to ensure the data security.
3. Improvement of Anomaly Handling Mechanism: Support configuring the anomaly handling mode and retry count for Document Domain Sync by modifying Chart parameter, to guarantee the data with failed sync can be processed in time.

II. Realtime AntivirusSupport Integration with 3rd-party Antivirus Engines

1. Support Plug-in Antivirus EngineProvide 3rd-party antivirus engine and develop plug-in engine package protocol, support switching/uploading plug-in antivirus engine package in Deployment Console and set it as the current antivirus engine, achieve the same antivirus scanning function as previous version. Meet the demand of users to integrate the antivirus software they use with AnyShare and enhance the scalability of Realtime Antivirus Service.
Note: New support for QI-ANXIN antivirus engine package in current version.

III. Intelligent Search: Catalogue Highlighting to Enhance Search Experience

1. Support Fuzzy Matching of Catalogue Multiple Options:Support fuzzy search for single/multi selection of catalogue attribute values during unified search, the attributes hit by fuzzy search can be highlighted in result, which is convenient for users to find files directly.
2. Catalogue Attribute Highlighting by Catalogue Search: The hit catalogue attributes in search results obtained through catalogue search can be highlighted, making it easy for users to target files with matching catalogue attributes quickly.
3. Show Catalogue / Tag Content with Image Search: When searching for images by keywords, the tag/catalogue which match keywords will directly highlight the specific content, to enhance the user search experience.

IV. Observability: Support Sheets Export for Archiving User Data

1. Support Exporting Detailed Sheets of Doc Domain Sync Operation: Support exporting detailed data from "Doc Domain Sync" charts and setting the scope of exported data according to different dimensions, so admins can easily count the Doc Domain Sync status and save the specified data locally.

V. User Work Handover:Add User Handover Permission to APP Account

1. Support APP Account Managing User Handover:New [Type of Management] attribute is added to the APP Account in Management Console. APP Accounts can set both Document Library and User Handover permissions to meet more usage requirements.

VI. High-performance Backup& Recovery:Support High-performance Backup& Recovery in Multi-site Deployment

1. Support Multi-site Recovery: Support the unified backup and recovery of Document Management System of Central Site and each Branch Site through AnyBackup deployed at Central Site under the multi-site deployment scenario, to meet the unified data protection needs of users.
2. Support Configuring Anti-ransomware Options: OSS Gateway supports obtaining and modifying the lock time of bucket to meet the anti-ransomware demand of AnyShare High-performance Backup&Recovery solution and secure data.

VII. Proximate Access: Improving Data Processing Efficiency at Branch Sites

1. Support Marking File Versions of Branch Sites: EFAST Service new internal interface, after the file in Branch Site processing data and uploading to object storage, the Central Site can directly mark the upload data through Branch Site as a new version of the file by this interface, saving network bandwidth consumption and improving the efficiency of file processing.

VIII. NAS Gateway: FTP Protocol Support Domain User Login

1. Support Domain User Login: When using FTP protocol to access NAS Gateway, it supports login through domain user authentication to meet more usage scenarios.
2. Improve Chinese Character Compatibility: Support Windows Explorer for Chinese encoding when using FTP protocol to access NAS Gateway, Chinese in Windows Explorer can be displayed normally, and users are guaranteed to create Chinese files/folders directly.

IX. Works: File Collection Function Optimization

1. File Collection Optimization: Users can copy files directly to the task folder when submitting collection task, and the copied files can be counted as part of submitted collection task, simplifying the file submission steps for users.

X. SAP Intelligent Content Management: Certificate Support Custom Sorting

1. Sorting Optimization: SAP Certificate and Notification Policy Management support custom sorting, changing from the default descending order by time to ascending/descending order by choice, making it easy for admins to quickly locate the required certificate/notification policy.

Optimization of Sub-products

I.KnowledgeCenter: A Widespread Knowledge Operation and Publish

1. Support Sharing Knowledge: New [Share] button is added to the Knowledge Circle/Article/Q&A detail page to support copying links or sharing with users, for more convenient knowledge promotion and dissemination.
2.Timely Notification of Updates: The Knowledge Circle/Q&A/Article/User already followed will send notifications after the knowledge items have changed, for users to track the update of knowledge in time and realize the active flow of knowledge.
3.Article Editing Optimization: The Article editing mode is adjusted from rich text box to page-type, support quick locating Article chapter by table of contents view, optimizing Article editing experience.

II.​​​​AutoSheets: Improve Form Experience

1.Form Function Optimization:
  • Optimize the way of saving form template, users can directly save the form as My/Department/Custom template by the new [Save as] button in the form editing interface.
  • Form question input limit extended from 255 characters to 8000 characters, and support inputting in text field mode.
  • Value range setting optimization, when setting range of Single-line, Number, Height, Weight, Age, Temperature and other fields, first select the value interval and then set specific value range.
  • Matrix field optimization, the option number of Matrix is expanded to 50, while optimizing the input method of matrix options, to improve the user experience.

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