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AnyShare Family Released,Document Management Function Upgrade!

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Optimization of Core Features】

I. Document Management: Custom Document Can be Classified

1. Documents Support Custom Classification:New classification of Custom Document can be added in Management Console, the created Custom Document can choose a suitable classification and be managed separately. The classified Document supports synchronous display in Enterprise Content Portal and AnyShare Folder, which makes it easy for users to manage the Documents flexibly and systematically.

II. Workflow:Dynamic Matching of Approver

1. Improving the Approver Matching Rules:
² Support the new Dept. Approver Rule in Workflow Center of the Management Console. The application of initiator in department can be approved by specified Dept. Approver, and different Dept. Approvers can be set for different business.
² Specified user or Dept. Approver can be chosen when creating a new approval process, the highest level can be set when assigning Dept. Approver. If no approver is matched in department, the bottom-up match will continue. If no approver is matched in all levels, reject or approve automatically can be chosen.
² The Dept. Approver Rule is supported to search in Workflow Center. Approval process can be quickly located by keyword, such as the name of approver and the Dept Approver Rule.

III. Proximate Content Processing Service: Achieving Thumbnail Processing Proximity

1. Thumbnail Processing ProximityIn multi-site deployment mode, the Document Set Service at each site supports processing proximity and cross-site access acceleration of file thumbnails. Local files can directly load thumbnails. Files stored offsite will be fetched from the attributed storage, and thumbnails can be fetched directly from local storage when accessed again, which reduces the bandwidth consumption.

IV. Observability: More Comprehensive User Behavior Statistics

1. Refinement of Data Report Statistics:The Dashboard in Management Console adds new Operator Dimension and Constraint when Data Source is User Behavior, and supports user behavior statistics by user and department, which provides a more systematic statistic of AnyShare usage by departments and users.

V. OSS GatewaySupport Specified User Restraining Download Speed

1. Support Download Speed Restriction:The File Transfer Control in Management Console can control the maximum speed for specified users in ordinary site when downloading files, to ensure normal business use under the scenario of large number of users uploading and downloading files.

VI. High Performance Backup and Recovery:Data Recovery Process Simplified

1. MongoDB Database Recovery Process Optimization: Deployment Console provides MongoDB copy set containerized scenario management interface, which enables the management of MongoDB service during backup and recovery by obtaining MongoDB-related configuration information and calling API to stop and start MongoDB database service, simplifying the data recovery process.

VII. NAS Gateway: More Protocols Supported

1. SMB Protocol Support: NAS Gateway supports SMB protocol to guarantee that legacy business systems in Windows can be accessed directly using AnyShare local accounts, to access AnyShare through business systems without restriction.

Optimization of Sub-products

I.  KnowledgeCenter: Improve the Relevance of Knowledge Content

1. Support Adding Tags: Support adding tags for Q&A, Article and Knowledge Circle, to achieve more accurate knowledge classification and more systematic knowledge association.
2. Access to App Account: Access the function which needs to use Document Set to AnyShare App Account, support registering App Account and creating Custom Document automatically.
3. Knowledge Circle Add Permission Configuration: Refine the operation permission of Knowledge Circle, owners can configure to allow non-members to comment on and view files in the Circle when creating or editing Knowledge Circle, to achieve a wider knowledge dissemination.
4. User Information Optimization: Support entering more detailed user information such as Birth Place, University, Birth Date and Social Role in the Personal Center, users can search keywords and filter search results through the new personal information.
5. Experience Optimization:
² New Back button is added in Knowledge Center, users can return to the previous step directly by clicking the button when viewing knowledge content detail page.
² Right-click adds Copy function to support copying the text selected in Knowledge Center, making operation more convenient.

Performance Improvements and Fixes

I.Enterprise Content Portal

1. Support Viewing Original Image in Preview:Image preview adds a function of viewing the original image, which meets the demand of users to view clearer images while ensuring the real-time preview of thumbnails.
2. Support Creating New Files:Support creating specified Office files in client such as Word, PPT, Excel, etc. to provide a more complete file operation experience.
3. Wake-up Page Optimization:Users can choose the way to view shared file when opening a file in web through SharedLink. The file information can be displayed directly when web client has been logged in.
4. File Name in Window Title:The title of window will be displayed as the file name when desktop client previews the file, to locate the file between multiple open preview windows quickly.
5. Client Openness:
² Support API for client plug-in to choose department and member, to configure plug-in function which needs to choose member and department flexibly, saving plug-in development steps.
² Support API for client plug-in to select Document Set, the AutoSheets which integrated into AnyShare as a plug-in can load sheets directly from AnyShare.
6. Experience Optimization:The Business System can hide the toolbar when calling component to preview image, and only display the preview image to improve the image preview experience.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​II.AnyShare Folder

1. Automatic Image Caching:The image can cache automatically when choosing to open in local in the Enterprise Content Portal, enabling to preview the image directly in directory after opening AnyShare Folder.
2. Sync Experience Improvement: Remind the path is invalid directly to solve the problem that the saving content will lost if the local path is the same as disk path when setting AnyShare Folder Sync.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​III.Modular Deployment

1. App Service Configuration Optimization: Deployment supports new Redis configuration formats that allows configuring Redis information for App Services through Standalone / Master-slave / Sentry connections.

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