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AnyShare Family 6.0.9 Release Notes

2019-12-16 4247 0

I. New Features
1. AnyShare terminals supports for Traditional Chinese 
AnyShare terminals support for Traditional Chinese option including Mobile App, Web Client, and PC Client, and users can choose according to personal habits and environments.
2. Add search feature in the Mobile Web sharing
Users can quickly search other users and departments on the Mobile Web.
3. AnyShare iOS and Android Apps support for preferential display of third-party login buttons and modification of third-party login button texts
When logging in the mobile apps, users can directly enter the login page through a third party without switching. At the same time, users can choose to use local accounts and passwords to login.

II.    Experience Improvement and System Optimization
1.The top-level directory of the Web Client supports for category icons
The top-level directory supports for displaying category icons (including thumbnail, diagram tree, and more), while ordinary folders remain as they were.
2. AnyShare gives prompts to use local application to view 0 kb files when users open them in OfficeOnline
3. AnyShare Windows Client supports for maximizing preview window on the sidebar
4. Optimize the clients to auto-detect remaining space of the local disk

When users upgrade or download the installation package, the clients automatically compare the remaining space of the local disk and give a prompt to facilitate users to make timely adjustments or replace the disk.
5. Online Help provides access to AnyShare official website
Users can access AnyShare official website via the clients to obtain the latest information. 
6. Optimize Getting Started on the clients
Alter the display manner of Getting Started. Both Getting Started and Online Help can jump to the official website through links.
7. Optimize personalized tools of the Windows Client
AnyShare 6.0.9 version provides check functions for Office plug-ins. When installing this version, users can select whether to install these plug-ins according to demands.
8. When the console password is expired or not strong enough, a window for changing password will pop up to verify the admin password
When the admin shut down personal documents, delete document library, or deal with system recycle bin, account setting, HTTP Share records and other pages, the admin password will be verified. If the password expires or not strong enough, a password modification window will pop up.
9. AnyShare supports for SMTP Open Relay
The SMTP server supports for Open Relay setting. When the cursor is hovering, the user will be prompted to input the account number and password; when the cursor is removed, the prompt disappears.
10. Add prompts in the WI-FI transfer feature of the iOS/Android App
11. Hide the “Send links to mail” window in the HTTP Share page on the Web Client
12. AnyShare supports for creating SDK files in Java and C# and allows users to evoke API based on SDK
13. Rename Common as Favorites

III. Matters Needing Attention
1. Rename Office plug-in “Cloud” as “AnyShare”
2. Replace with new brands 

In AnyShare 6.0.9, new brand replacement includes logos, the domain name (change to, and company name (change EISOO to AISHU).
3. Remove Getting Started from the console

IV. Bug Fixes and Some Improvements
Web Client
1. Fix the issue of overlapping letters in the setting of English interface nodes on port 8080
2. Resolve the issue that the user still exists in the contact tree after being manually disabled of sharing permission
3. Address an issue where users unlock locked files in the file lock management interface but prompted "unable to connect to the network" when locking it again
Users will be prompted “Locked” when unlocking files and locking the same file again in the file lock management interface.
4. Fix an issue when downloading watermarks in Chrome, the file name contains English commas, which prevents downloading

Windows Client
1. Fix an issue where AnyShare icon and sub icons display too big after right-clicking
2. Address an issue where the Windows Client fails to release authentication after users being automatically disabled as a result of not logging in within time limit
3. Resolve an issue where double click on Favorites will pop up illegal JSON string

iOS App 
1. Address an issue that causes the app to crash when users enter characters in the HTTPLink search box on iPad
2. Resolve an issue that causes the app to crash when audio and video are playing on iPad
3. Fix an issue where one-off input of too many characters causes the app to crash when users edit tags 

Mac Client
1. Address an issue where the user receives no prompt when copying SharedLink by right-clicking Favorites
When selecting a file and copying SharedLink by right-clicking, users will be prompted “Copied”
2. Resolve an issue when users delete the top-level directory in the Chinese version, its name will change to English

1. Fix an issue where the user is prompted “No content entered” after entering the password in the console
If entering the account information correctly and without error prompt in the console login page, users can directly log in.
2. Resolve an issue where upload limit and error report occur when the upgrade package exceeds 2 G
3. Address an issue where the name of external link does not change to HTTP Share in AnyShare Enterprise Traditional Chinese Edition
4. Fix an issue where files with watermark cannot be downloaded in batches
5. Resolve an issue where users fail to preview MxCAD

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